Sencel accelerates sensitive genome searches

Now you can accelerate sensitive genome searches by an order of magnitude using the SENCEL PARALIGN software. Running Sencel's search software is the fastest way to perform Smith-Waterman homology searches on standard hardware. Furthermore, with the ParAlign algorithm, you can obtain the same level of sensitivity at much higher speed. The speed is achieved using Sencel's patent pending technology that relies on the multimedia technology embedded in most computers but not generally used by ordinary software. You can evaluate the software by running free online searches, or by registering and downloading a copy of the software and run it with a free evaluation license. See the PARALIGN product sheet for an overview of its features.



April 2008:

PARALIGN version 5.0 released

PARALIGN version 5.0 was released on 9 April 2008. This release includes support for the Linux i386 platform only. It works well with the latest releases of preformatted databases from NCBI. For more details about the changes, see the release notes.


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